Veronica Lopez-Calleja, Esq.



Cuban born and American raised attorney Veronica Lopez-Calleja, made her passionate dreams a reality when she founded this company. Striving to help others has always been her drive and motivation and this firm has been able to facilitate that. With qualities like the courage to take risks, to impact, to work hard, to practice excellence, and with clients first in mind, she has created a high performance law firm that can make it all possible. 


Fluently speaks English and Spanish.

Juris Doctorate, St. Thomas University School of Law, 2015


Double Major in Political Science and Philosophy, at Florida International University, 2013


Multiple Dean's List recognitions


Accumulated more than 200 hours of Pro Bono work


Certified Legal Intern for the City of Miami, Office of the City Attorney


Certified Legal Intern for the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel, Third Region


Certified Legal Intern for the V.I.D.A. Legal Clinic 


Certified Legal Intern for the St. Thomas University School of Law Immigration Clinic


State of Florida


The Lawyer You Need,

Results You Want!