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How does child support work in Florida? 

Florida uses the income shares model to  determine child support payments.  

Under this model, the state will consider  both parents' gross monthly income from  various sources including salary, disability  benefits, worker’s compensation, and more.  

It will also consider relevant factors  including the needs of the child(ren), their  age(s), special needs, and their standard of  living.

How do I file for child support in Florida?

If you choose to apply for support  through the FPRV, from the application  date to the date you actually receive the  benefit, it can take from 1 year to 2 years.  

This is why it’s recommended to apply for  child support privately with an  experienced attorney, because then the  time to receive your first payment is from 1  to 2 months.

How is child support calculated in a divorce?

The guidelines schedule calculates the  combined net income of both parents  estimated to have been allocated to each  child, were the parents and children  living in an intact household.  

Each parent’s basic child support  obligation is calculated by adding both  parents’ respective monthly net  incomes, and looking to the appropriate  figure in the guideline tables set forth in  the statute. The total obligation is then  divided between the parents based on the  percentage share of each parent’s total  monthly net income.

A parent’s share may then be adjusted on  the basis of certain costs, including child  health insurance costs and out-of pocket child care or day care costs.  

Generally child support is paid to the  parent with whom the child spends the  majority of overnights. The actual child  support amount you pay or receive will be  determined by a family law court.

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